Art Quote of the Day

“What an artist chooses to represent or work from is one  of the factors that makes every individual’s art distinctive and original.  It can help if you have a good story to tell.  Or if you have genuinely original ideas. The themes , concepts and ideas an artist works with will often recur, even across long periods in time as in the remarkable career of Marcel Duchamp, a truly original creative mind, whose last work, Etants Jonnes, put together in secret over many years and revealed in 1969 referred back to pieces Duchamp had made before World War I.

The career of the painter Philip Guston (1913-1980) was marked by extraordinary shifts in style that covered many of the major movements of the twentieth century.  After beginning figuratively, Guston became a leading abstract painter only to abruptly give up abstraction, saying it was a lie and a sham. (“anything but this,” he said)

“{Guston} began to draw and paint a repentant catalogue of all the mundane objects that had been excluded  from his art of the past quarter century: old shoes, rusted nails, mended rags, brick walls, cigarette butts, empty windows,naked light bulbs, wooden floors,faces with day old stubble.”    Kirk Varnedoe & Adam Gapnik

The Artist’s Mentor – Inspiration from the World’s Most Creative Minds – Ian Jackman, editor