Art Quote of the Day


Yours truly, summer, 8 years old, drawing away. pure bliss

There is one week left to my semester of teaching here at Edgewood College. Final projects for all of my classes are due on Wednesday…. critiques one and all…. next week is devoted to just picking up any and all artwork. My students this semester have been great. Using MEDIA for the first time in my teaching to a large extent has been of extraordinary benefit. Being able to post student work on my blog page of STUDENT WORK, allows a much larger audience to see the finished work. Having a Pinterest page devoted exclusively to Design, Alphabets, Figurative Art, etc. has allowed me to give infinite examples of art that gave students many ideas on how to approach my assignments. It has been a productive , creative , and inspiring semester . In a couple weeks I will take advantage of a two week break, relax, regroup, re-gain my energy and then start summer school.  There is gardening to be done, paintings to work on , new assignments to be thought up, a revamping and updates to my blog pages……I am so extremely happy in my job and blessed that I have come to this place in my life. The old adage, something to the effect,” Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life,” IS SO TRUE.  I must have done something right, made the right decisions in my life to get me here and I’m so thankful . Peace !