Art Quote of the Day

“I never finish a painting – I just stop working on it for a while. I like painting because it’s something I never come to the end of. Sometimes I paint a picture, then I paint it all out. Sometimes I’m working on fifteen or twenty pictures at the same time. I do that because I want to – because I like to change my mind so often. The thing to do is always to keep starting to paint, never to finish a painting. ”
Arshille Gorky

I won’t be commenting on the art quotes often because I think they speak for themselves. Every now and then though, one like today’s by Arshille Gorky strikes a note of resonance with me. I have said for a long time , if I’m asked to give a talk about my own work, that I feel like I’ve always been engaged in making just THE ONE painting. Year after year, no matter how many actual pieces I have created I just feel like its a continuous single work in progress. I too work on multiple images at a time , I too change my mind frequently. I go from one painting to the next, one influencing another, one color continuing in several pieces. I will , like Gorky , also just paint something I’ve been working on OUT so that I can start over . But starting over from a place where so much has come before – traces of previous work remaining . Anyway , I liked this quote alot. I hope you find things that you can relate to as well as I continue to enter inspiring quotes that I find and share .