Art Quote of the Day

” The solutions to the problems posed in art do not lie outside in the realms of technique and formula; they reside in the realm of fresh thinking about perennial issues, in honest feelings and awakened spirit.

All creative journeys begin with a challenge to introspection, to fathom not only “what’s out there”. but “what’s in here.”  They are invitations to original response much as the student of Zen is confronted with a koan.  Seeking the ordinary  response, the pat and the past resolution may achieve a decent result but will most likely be of little transformative value. Illustrating a preconception keeps our hand slave to a mind that is already intent on its goals and means.  Responses drawn from our standing repertoire of answers will only reinforce the person we already are, which more than likely is much like the person we were. Which  is nice for the reassurance that memory brings, but provides little force by which to gain the high ground of an expanded future.”

Peter London – No More Secondhand Art – Awakening the Artist Within