Art Quote for the Day


” I have not worked at all….. Nothing seems worth putting down – I seem to have nothing to say – It appalls me but that is the way it is . – Georgia O’Keefe

” Just dash something down if you see a blank canvas staring at you with a certain imbecility. You do not know how paralyzing it is, that staring of a blank canvas which says to the painter: You don’t know anything……”Vincent Van Gogh

” …. and I thought , enough of this, I’m not an abstract painter, what the hell am I going to do ?  Should I get a job in a shoe store, sell real estate, or what?  I was really depressed by the whole thing, because I felt like a painter, yet I couldn’t make paintings.” – Ralph Goings

As the artists quoted above so vividly attest, discovering that you have no creative ideas is a devastating experience.  It calls into question some fundamental issues about who you really are.. Perhaps you are not the creative person you thought you were- after all, here’s the terrible immutable evidence.  Maybe you’re a fraud.  Between your inability to make anything and your doubts about whether you’ve got “the right stuff”, you’re caught in a vicious circle.

Well, there’s no quick fix, no sure way to order up the flash of inspiration.  What you can do, however, is create a set of circumstances that will increase the likelihood of its happening.  They are, by and large, quite straightforward,apparently hardly worthy of being  parents to a moment of revelation.  Yet if you think about it, you’ll realize that the building foundations of even the most dynamic architecture are not very exciting.  They make possible, but do not foretell, the imaginative structure to come.

The Blank Canvas – Inviting the Muse ,  by Anna Held Audette