Art Quote of the Day

” From bright colors, unique borders, layering and creative ways with text, there are endless concepts we can draw from Frida Kahlo’s artwork and personal diaries to use in our own journals.

Frida’s pages would often have two layers of writing-one on top of the other, ( the paler one  underneath was impossible to read, but the one in black ink , on the surface was usually legible). She liked to begin many of her pages by spilling a blob of paint into her book and closing it.  This makes for a great intuitive exercise, and one you could try yourself.  A few of Frida’s pages bled through, but you could put a  piece of cardboard behind the pages before spilling the paint to avoid this.

After opening the book, you’ll have an abstract blob that you can play around with.  Frida would use a crayon and trace around portions of the shape.  You can transform the abstract images into self-portraits like she did, or  just pick up  whatever is on your worktable, like the bottoms of paint bottles or a coffee cup, set it in the paint and make a print of it on the page.

Using a  small paintbrush and acrylic paint, write on the background. Don’t try to get the letters even.  Your handwriting is a reflection of you and says more on a page than a typed or hand-stamped phrase.  Make mistakes and work loosely. Doodle around the edges.

Overall, if you find your work is too rigid and contrived, try all of these exercises with your non-dominant hand. I promise it works everytime”

Wide Open-Inspiration  & Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts