Art Quote of the Day

Many , if not most, artists have music on in the background while they are painting or drawing because there is a natural rapport between these two art forms.  In certain forms of improvisational music, like jazz, the musician and visual artist are both relying heavily on their sense of intuition to guide them.  The process of improvisation is more apparent in music than in visual art because you can usually hear the experimentation in the music, but you can’t always see when an artist is improvising rather than following a predetermined plan.  During some of my lectures, I’ve demonstrated that it is just as reasonable to describe a painting in vocalized sounds – humming, whistling, yelping, gurgling, etc. – as it may be to describe a piece of art in conventional language, but I may be quite alone in that assertion. ” -Dean Nimmer-

” I make my paintings listening to live music that is being performed in front of an audience in bars or jazz music clubs. In other words, I set up my canvas and materials right there in the club, and I paint directly when the group is playing.  These paintings are my interpretations of the sounds, rhythms , and movements that I hear and see at these events.  My paintings are purely spontaneous and impromptu expressions of the music I hear.  I paint what I feel subjectively, rahter than trying to ‘picture’ what I hear.  This type of painting has helped me break down my own barriers between painting what I see and painting what I hear in music, and that process is a new visual language in oil paint.” -Kristen Mills

Art from Intuition – Overcoming Your Fears ande obstacles to Making Art by Dean Nimmer