Art Quote of the Day

“The ‘state of the world’ and the state  of design need to be brought together.

While the destruction of the planet’s natural environments comes from many quarters, it is climate change that  has most dramatically  and  recently entered public consciousness.  Yet there are two major factors associated with this problem that mostly go  unrecognized.  The first is that  even if solutions were to arrive immediately ( a very unlikely prospect) the problem is ging to be around for a long time as some greenhouse gases have an atmospheric life of well over 200  years. And the second is that there is no real sense of how bad things will get, or where the actual ‘tipping point’ into climate chaos is – climate chaos combines high levels of unpredictable climatic behaviour with, correspondingly, the end of predictable weather patterns.

As change has to be by design rather than chance, design has to be in the front – line of transformative action.  But for design to be able to perform this role, the sum of all design practices, including architecture, themselves have to be  redesigned.  “

Design Futuring – Sustainability, Ethics and New Practice by Tony Fry