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NOTES , 1992

1 June 1992
So-called circumstances cannot be changed by reason and insight; they change themselves in unpredictable ways, more or less spontaneously.
For instance, the realization of climatic damage and the prospect of a climatic catastrophe creates fear, but no effective action towards changing it.
On the contrary,fear is only a sign of our certainty that we can change nothing, and to palliate our fear we go in for displacement activities that make not the slightest possible difference; just like our ancestors, who faced up to Nature, armed with nothing but prayers and sacrificial offerings.
Nature goes on, as naturally merciless as ever. It creates the continual changes that we have always feared. We are helplessly and painfully at its mercy, and can do but palliate and comfort ourselves.
Palliation is always childish: a few green corners in the car parks. Comfort is always a lie: false promises of a beautiful future. That seems to sum us up.

3 June 1992
Consciousness is the capacity to know that we and others are and were and will be. It is therefore the capacity to visualize, and therefore the belief that keeps us alive. Without visualizing the future, and our own goals and tasks, we should vegetate and – since we lack the instinct that the animals have – we should perish. Belief ( view, opinion, conviction, hope, plan, etc. ) is thus our most important quality and capacity. And in the form of faith it can dominate us with such power and conviction that we transform it into destructive superstition. That is why we must always confront belief with scepticism and analysis.

The Daily Practice of Painting-Gerhard Richter


Art Quote of the Day

“The ‘state of the world’ and the state  of design need to be brought together.

While the destruction of the planet’s natural environments comes from many quarters, it is climate change that  has most dramatically  and  recently entered public consciousness.  Yet there are two major factors associated with this problem that mostly go  unrecognized.  The first is that  even if solutions were to arrive immediately ( a very unlikely prospect) the problem is ging to be around for a long time as some greenhouse gases have an atmospheric life of well over 200  years. And the second is that there is no real sense of how bad things will get, or where the actual ‘tipping point’ into climate chaos is – climate chaos combines high levels of unpredictable climatic behaviour with, correspondingly, the end of predictable weather patterns.

As change has to be by design rather than chance, design has to be in the front – line of transformative action.  But for design to be able to perform this role, the sum of all design practices, including architecture, themselves have to be  redesigned.  “

Design Futuring – Sustainability, Ethics and New Practice by Tony Fry

Art Quote of the Day

” If you’ve studied so much and you’re so aware of the achievements of other artists , how do you find a place for yourself in a world where genius has had it’s stamp ? I think that every artist has to come to terms with that. At some point you have to realize that you may not be Shakespeare, forget it. They never give themselves permission , they never value what they DO have. They’re always comparing themselves. And it stifles voices that should be heard !”

Paint it Black – Janet Fish

And , for the New Year….
“When the last living thing has died on account of us, how poetical it would be if earth could say, in a voice floating up perhaps from the floor of the Grand Canyon, “It is done. People did not like it here.” – Kurt Vonnegut
Let’s hope for strong action by all of us on stopping global climate change!