Art Quote of the Day

“Beauty seems to need quiet and take patience, both to create it and to experience it.

If our minds are filled with a long and urgent “to-do” list , we are not likely to slow down enough to appreciate anything but the next line  we can draw through our never-ending list.  Yet every now and again something in nature or art stops us.  It arrests our constant external activity and search.  We can be stopped by the way the light filters through the trees in our backyard or its a bowl of fruit on our kitchen table.  And we are silenced, even if momentarily. We can be stopped by a cave painting as easily as by a thirteenth-century tapestry or a seventeenth-century ceramic bowl from Korea, or a fifteenth century Italian painting.  We may be impressed by the craft of the artist, but almost always what moves us most deeply is the beauty that is expressed through the craft. ”

Creative Authenticity –  16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision – Ian Roberts