Art QuoteS of the Day

`Here are some more quotes that I found in a notebook while cleaning one day:

The ability to measure and the ability to see negative space are the greatest assets in drawing.

An artist looks for form and line and color and texture to define the relationship between spirit and substance.

A painting requires more decision, more thought. A drawing is an immediate emanation of personality.  An act of discovery- of one’s own feelings or of the world outside.  A painting is likely to translate that discovery into something broader and more calculated.

The object of all drawing is to intensify experience . One draws chiefly to advance one’s understanding.

A rapid sketch is seen as an expression of the innermost personality of the artist.

GESTURES – require the artist to work quickly, to simplify, to forego precision and fussiness.  It makes one work more loosely, spontaneously, more abstractly, with more emotion, and less reason or self-criticism.

The urge to draw is a desire both to understand and to clarify and deepen our feelings.  We draw to find our own originality.

Art bestows upon the eyes the vision to see inward.

The artist has to look at everything as though he saw it for the first time. She has to look at life as  she did when she was a child.

We hold in our memories “canonic” forms of familiar objects. If you draw what you know rather than what you see, you’ll draw the canonic form.

In turning things upside down and looking at negative spaces the student isn’t tempted to name the parts or call up associations that cause the verbal , ( and more assertive), centers of the brain to re-assert control.  Also, the right , less assertive side of the brain, has no name for such spaces.

Learning to draw is as much a matter of developing control over the way one’s brain processes visual information. There are many skills to perfect, each involving specific  brain functions.

You have a high conception – not of what you are doing- but of what you may do one day.  Without that there’s no point in working. -Degas-