Art Quote of the Day

IMG_1644“Between opposites lies the path………

flexibility vs. structure

frenzy vs. lethargy

anarchy vs. order

insurgency vs. obedience

logic vs. instinct

simplicity vs. abundance

seriousness vs. silliness

work vs. play

The work we do as artists can be seen as that of finding points of balance between opposing forces and concepts and representing them visually.  Sometimes the balance is confined to a narrow space, sometimes broad.  Try this: identify the “extremes” that frame as many aspects of your project as you can identify and look for  the appropriate points of balance between them.”

Creative Sparks by Jim Krause

Art Quote of the Day


“Perhaps we require that every pattern have balance ( and we do require it) because we’re human.  Maybe this need for balance stems from the fact that we have only two legs to stand on  We don’t like being “caught off-balance.”  Perhpas it’s this need that makes us so quick to notice when anything is off-balance and about to fall.  We project into the unstable object the same sort of emotional upset we feel when we stumble and lose our own balance.

Take my cousin Peter: The only time he ever gets upset is when he sees a picture that’s hanging off-balance. That some-what askew picture disturbs him so much that he can’t even carry on a conversation or drink a beer, the two things he loves to do most,  until he’s straightened it.  Peter is not unusual; many people react the same way.

On the other hand, I read that Picasso used to go around making sure his pictures were hung a little off-plumb.  He hated it when the verticals and horizontals paralleled the walls and corners of the room.  When pressed for an explanation, Picasso explained that hanging his pictures askew forced people to notice them.

Conversations In Paint – A Notebook of Fundamentals by Charles Dunn

Art Quote of the Day


I believe in art.

I do not believe in the “art world” as it is today.

I do not believe in art as a commodity.

Great art is in exquisite balance. It is restorative.

I believe in the energy of art, and through  the use of that energy , the artist’s ability to transform his or her life and, by example, the lives of others.

I believe that through our art, and through the projection of transcendent imagery, we can mend and heal the planet.

Audrey Flack– from commencement address delivered at the Pennyslvania Academy of the Fine Arts, May 1984