Art Quote of the Day

“A young ambitious artist new to the New York art world, (Robert Rauschenberg) gravitated naturally to the Cedar Tavern , a dirty neighborhood bar that had been adopted by the painters and their hangers-on in part because of its seediness.  Definitionally bohemian, it was so bad it was good.  When fame finally arrived and the owners responded to the new influx of artists’ cash by promising new interior decor, the artists threatened a boycott.  They wanted to avoid at all costs the impression of an artist’s bar, with its connotations of an effete elite preoccupied with questions of beauty.  Unwilling to countenance that, the Abstract Expressionists created a facsimile of the Wild West that never was within the confines of the Cedar,a macho art world complete with drunken brawls, fights over women, vain boasting, and, of course, artist talk. It was a heady mix”

Jonathan Katz  from the book, The Artist’s Mentor – Inspiration from the World’s Most Creative Minds , edited by Ian Jackman