Art Quote for the Day

5 January 1988

Art is the pure realization of religious feeling, capacity for faith, longing for God.

All other realizations of these, the outstanding human qualities, abuse those qualities by exploiting them: that is, by serving an ideology.  Even art becomes ‘applied art’  just as soon as it gives up its freedom from function and sets out to convey a message.  Art is human only in the absolute refusal to make a statement.

The ability to believe is our outstanding quality, and only  art adequately translates it into reality.  But when we assuage our need for faith with an ideology, we court disaster

The Daily Practice of Painting – Gerhard Richter

Art Quote for the Day

I have a friend who teaches writing /language arts at a middle school. Every year she has an assignment where she takes her 6th. graders to a retirement center  so that they can interview the elderly. They are then to take the answers to the questions they’ve asked and write a paper , a story about that person they interviewed. This year my friend had a different plan. She had people come to her school to be interviewed. We were all in the 60 to 70 year old range and the kids were given a series of questions that they more or less could choose to ask us. We “old folks” each had two students interviewing us for about an hour. I thought I’d share the papers written by my two girls……. writing is an art form right? And, who knows? One or both of these young ladies could grow up and become a best selling author!

Paper #1 by Q.T.

” Oh good, I got girls.  They’ll understand how crazy I am,” said an excited Jane Fasse.  Other words Jane used to describe herself were friendly, creative, open-minded, self-conscious, insecure, and immature.  By her bubbly personality and energy you would never have guessed that she is already sixty years old.  Jane has light blonde hair that is straight with hints of white in it, and bangs. She has light blue eyes, wore sparkly pink eye shadow, and has slight wrinkles by her eyes, mouth, and on her forehead.

Growing up in Beaver Dam, Wi  Jane enjoyed playing with Barbies and she also liked Drawing.  One of her favorite childhood memories is on her ninth or tenth birthday when she got a Barbie Dream House, and got to stay home from  Sunday school. She had lots of fun in elementary school, but to quote Jane, “I got to junior high and all went to H***** Even though Jane says she did not enjoy middle school , she expressed that she would even less like to be a kid now a days because of society.  Another one of Jane’s opinions is that there is too much money involved in politics.  Jane went through a large assortment of jobs in her life such as working at an  A&W Root Beer stand, a Jolly Green Giant canning factory, at a T-shirt printing factory, the mall , the Museum of Modern Art, and now she works as an art teacher.  Growing up  she always admired artists and wanted to be one.

Jane is married to Tom M. , but does not have any children.  Some of Jane’s hobbies include fashion, cooking,baking,gardening and art.  Something interesting about Jane is that she carries her sketchbook around with her like a security blanket.  In conclusion, Jane Fasse was a very exciting person to interview and I enjoyed talking to her very much.

Overcoming Obstacles

Where does “art” reside ?  In the intent of the maker? In the piece itself? In the response of the viewer? In the space between?”  This quote is from a book called, THE VIEW FROM THE STUDIO DOOR : How  Artists Find Their Way in an Uncertain World, by Ted Orland.  This author also has written a book called ART AND FEAR.  Both books are valuable  in helping artists surmount their creative  obstacles. As I now embark on BLOGGING , I am encountering lots of new obstacles and will use the things i’ve learned from these books and try to apply them to my learning process  with creating my blogsite.

The focus of my blog  will be to help my readers gain confidence in their creative process just as I gain confidence in my blogging process.  Please accompany me on this, our mutual path to discovery.