Art Quote for the Day


Put an apple in a deep bowl.  You can see that the  apple takes up space inside the bowl. That perception of filled space is the primary characteristic of mass.

Visual mass consists of areas of color.  Whether you paint an apple or just a block of color, the result has visual mass.  Every characteristic of color – hue, value, intensity, color quality, temperature,apparent weight, and apparent distance – is a secondary characteristic of mass.

When you think of drawing, you usually think of line.  In order to suggest the shapes of forms, line drawing concentrates on the outline of the boundary edges or the contours of the object you’re drawing.  In contour drawing you always feel as if you’re touching the surface.  An object drawn with simple contours doesn’t carry very much visual weight.

However, there’s a different kind of drawing that’s more useful to the painter – mass drawing.  Mass drawing is more concerned with how shapes fill space than with the contour, or outline, of shapes.  You make a mass drawing with the side of your pencil, not the tip.  An object in mass drawing always feels as if it has weight.

Because it reports the lights and darks as they eye sees them, a mass drawing usually starts somewhere in the middle of the form and works its way out toward the edge, whereas a line drawing first finds the edge and then works its way in toward the center of the form.

Conversations in Paint – A Notebook of Fundamentals by Charles Dunn



It is a custom of mine to write an inspiring art  quote on the blackboard in my classroom each time I have class. I decided I will do the same with my blog. A daily  inspiration that may get your creative motor running so to speak . Here is my first one . Enjoy.

“Making art is about making choices. There are a surprising number to be made even when you are contemplating something as simple as an apple.  An apple may be red or green, or yellow or various mixtures. It can be rotting or fresh, sliced or whole, pure or scarred. Full or shriveled.  It can be the apple Eve presented to Adam, Snow White’s apple, Little Red Riding Hood’s apple, the BIG  apple. You can see how the form and meaning change  with each  one of these decisions.”

Audrey Flack