Blog overhaul

Good Morning!

Does it seem to like the excitement about blogging has waned over time? Or is it just me not having enough time  to keep up on all things BLOGGISH? Either way, it’s early in the morning…. I’m awake and thought , I should take a look at my long-ignored Blog site and see what I can do to get it more current.

I just trashed a bunch of pages….. not relevant anymore….old work  . I’ll be adding new pages with new work and events ….

I’ll be adding new student work as well .

Stay tuned!

Gorky’s Granddaughter: Thomas Nozkowski, June 2012

Gorky’s Granddaughter: Thomas Nozkowski, June 2012.


enjoy this interview with Thomas Nozkowski one of my all-time favorite artists. Last spring , being totally inspired by his work and his words I changed the direction of my work and have been smiling alot more than I used to as I paint.  He came along at just the right time… and the art that I produced from this inspiration is now the body of work that I have hanging at Edgewood College where I teach as part of the Faculty show this semester.