365 – One Year, One Film, One Second a Day in WeAreDN on Vimeo

365 – One Year, One Film, One Second a Day in WeAreDN on Vimeo.


Ward Schumaker

Ward Schumaker.


I found this artist’s work on Pinterest a few months ago . I loved his style.

In searching through my  morning media, blogs, artist’s websites , etc. I came across a blog by this same artist and  thought I would post it . If you are interested in seeing more work by him you can go to  “follow me on Pinterest” , ( scroll down the right side of my blog) and find his “page”  Enjoy!

Art Quote for the Day

So , this week is the last week of classes for me at Edgewood College ….. Christmas “break” is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to about 4 weeks of un-interrupted paint – in – the – studio- quality time.  Warm fires at night, staring at the Christmas tree all lit up and twinkling…… Heaven.

I also have a couple things coming up , sort of exciting.   I’m hanging several pieces of my work at the Sundance Theaters here in Madison this week  , AND,   a gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward District contacted me the other day and wants to know if I’d like to show my work there. Well…….. YES!!

Besides all that , I really , truly , am planning on fixing up this blog site. Putting new imagery up is my biggest concern…. lots of great student art has been generated since last I really updated my media…. and I have lots of images of my own stuff to post as well .

So, there we are….. stay tuned.

Blog overhaul

Good Morning!

Does it seem to like the excitement about blogging has waned over time? Or is it just me not having enough time  to keep up on all things BLOGGISH? Either way, it’s early in the morning…. I’m awake and thought , I should take a look at my long-ignored Blog site and see what I can do to get it more current.

I just trashed a bunch of pages….. not relevant anymore….old work  . I’ll be adding new pages with new work and events ….

I’ll be adding new student work as well .

Stay tuned!