Art Quote of the Day

“Blue is a mysterious color, hue of illness and nobility, the rarest color in nature.  It is the color of ambiguous depth, of the heavens and of the abyss at once: blue is the color of the shadow side, the tint of the marvelous and the inexplicable,of desire, of knowledge, of the blue movie, of blue talk, of raw meat& rare steak, of melancholy and the unexpected,(once in a blue moon, out of the blue). It is the color of anode plates,royalty at Rome,smoke, distant hills, postmarks, georgian silver, thin milk, and hardened steel; of veins seen through skin and notices of dismissal in the American railroad business. Brimstone burns blue, and a blue candle flame is said to indicate the presence of ghosts. The blue-black sky of Vincent van Gogh’s CROWS FLYING OVER A CORNFIELD seems to express the painter’s doom. But, according to Grace Mirabella, editor of Mirabella, a blue cover used on a magazine always guarantees increased sales at the newstand. “It  is America’s favorite color,” she says.

The Primary Colors – Alexander Theroux


Art Quote of the Day

” In my opinion, I am often as rich as Croesus, not in money, but (although it doesn’t happen every day ) rich, because I have found in my work something to which I can devote myself heart and soul, and which gives inspiration and significance to life. Of course my moods vary, but there is an average of serenity. I have a sure faith in art,a sure confidence that it is a powerful stream, which bears a man to harbour ,though he himself must do his bit too; and at all events I think it such a great blessing, when a man has found his work, that I cannot count myself among the unfortunate. I mean , I may be in certain relatively great difficulties, and there may be gloomy days in my life , but I shouldn’t want to be counted among the unfortunate nor would it be correct.”

Vincent Van Gogh