I like these words….!

DESIDERATUM –  something wanted or needed.

ORENDA –  a mystical force  present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect changes in their own lives.

QUERENCIA – a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you find your most authentic self.


Art Quote for the Day

Here is the second paper written for the writing arts assignment… continued from yesterday’s post:

Jane Fasse by C.M.

” For sure all my life I’ve had a sweet tooth.” Jane Fasse said when we gave her a cookie.  Jane  was born on March 24, 1953 and is 60 years old.  Even though Jane is 60 , she seems crazier than ever.

Jane has shoulder length blond hair with hints of white.  Jane has blue eyes that sparkle like the sun.  Jane seems to like laughing and smiling and, if she doesn’t,  I’d be suprised because she smiled a lot.

Jane rmembers when she was younger that she was a great student in grade school.  She was very advanced and had fun at school.  “I go to Junior High and all went to h******, she said. Jane said she did not like her teachers much and it was not very fun.  She also remembers that she had a lot of jobs.  One she remembers where she chopped onions all day.  She said when she cme home she smelled horrible.  She hated the job, but who cold blame her?  She also worked at the Jolly Green Giant canning factory and at the mall for twelve years.  She worked for so many places I can’t even mention them all.

Jane Fasse is married to Tom Moss and does not have any children.  Jane works as an Art Teacher. Some of her hobbies include drawing , cooking, and gardening.  Drawing helped Jane get a job and she loves doing it.  Jane is a very interesting person and I had fun  interviewing her.


So that’s how the interview went. I think it’s interesting how both girls picked out some of the more incidental things to mention, the small talk kind of things, but I’m glad they got the gist of fact that I’ve had art in my life  MOST of my life. That is what I was hoping for. After years of crummy jobs I’m finally in the place I was born to be in …. art has never failed.

Art Quote for the Day

ETHNOGRAPHY: n. the documentation and analysis of a particular culture through field research.

SELF-ETHNOGRAPHY: n. the documentation and analysis of the self as a foreign culture through field research.

“What we need to question is BRICKS, Concrete, glass, our table manners, our utensils , our tools, the way we spend our time, our rhythms. TO QUESTION THAT WHICH SEEMS TO HAVE CEASED FOREVER TO ASTONISH US.  We live true, we breathe true, we walk, we open doors, we go down staircases, we sit at a table in order to eat, we lie down on a bed in order to sleep. How? Why? Where? When? Why?”

Georges Perec

Use yourself as your subject for documentation. Document in detail all of your movements, activities, behaviors, and conversations throughout the course of a week. Include date, time, and place.


Collect or document as many patterns as you can find while on your travels . You may decide to use only patterns in nature, or human-made, or both . Pencil rubbing works well for this.

” No man who ever lived liked so many things and disliked so few as Walt Whitman.  All natural objects seemed to have a charm for him.  All sights and sounds seemed to please him.”  Dr. William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience.

entire excerpt from  HOW TO BE AN EXPLORER OF THE WORLD by Keri Smith

Art Quote of the Day


Yours truly, summer, 8 years old, drawing away. pure bliss

There is one week left to my semester of teaching here at Edgewood College. Final projects for all of my classes are due on Wednesday…. critiques one and all…. next week is devoted to just picking up any and all artwork. My students this semester have been great. Using MEDIA for the first time in my teaching to a large extent has been of extraordinary benefit. Being able to post student work on my blog page of STUDENT WORK, allows a much larger audience to see the finished work. Having a Pinterest page devoted exclusively to Design, Alphabets, Figurative Art, etc. has allowed me to give infinite examples of art that gave students many ideas on how to approach my assignments. It has been a productive , creative , and inspiring semester . In a couple weeks I will take advantage of a two week break, relax, regroup, re-gain my energy and then start summer school.  There is gardening to be done, paintings to work on , new assignments to be thought up, a revamping and updates to my blog pages……I am so extremely happy in my job and blessed that I have come to this place in my life. The old adage, something to the effect,” Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life,” IS SO TRUE.  I must have done something right, made the right decisions in my life to get me here and I’m so thankful . Peace !

Art Quote of the Day

“Annie Hooper was born in 1897 and grew up with twelve siblings and fourteen foster children.  After getting married, she happily raised her son, taught sunday school, wrote poetry and was secretly writing a romance novel.  She love to study, write and just hang out with people.  Then , throught a long series of events, poor Annie was moved from her beloved life in North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia.  Alone, no husband, no son, no sunday school.  No extended family ,( and I do mean extended!)

So what did she do for her remaining forty years?  Rise above her misfortune? Beat the odds?  Nope. She got depressed and then more depressed. In her intense loneliness, Annie started making dolls out of driftwood and cement.  Doll after doll, Annie eventually filled her home with over 2,500  before her death.

Our repetitive findings don’t have to fill every room in the house like Annie’s did.  But Annie can inspire us to observe the natural rhythm of daily objects.

Take your camera and go on a repetition journey.  Observe fish lined up in the glass case at the market, eggs in the fridge, rows in a conrfield, rows of mailboxes.  There is comfort in rhythm, routine, one day following the next in order.  Repetition doesn’t have to be in rows. Stand over your journal and drop several identical images, gluing themwhere they land.  Instead of creating neat little lines, let them create themselves.  Stand back and be the observer. As journalers we are only the observers.

Wide Open – Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feurerhelm-Watts

Art Quote of the Day

“In America, or in any country, greatness in art will not be attained by the possession of canvases in palatial museums, by the purchase and bodily owning of art.  The greatness can only come by the art spirit entering into the very life of the people, not as a thing apart, but as the greatest essential of life to each one.. It is to make every life productive of light – a spiritual influence.  It is to enter government and the whole material existence as the essential influence, and it alone will keep government straight, end wars and strife , do away with material greed.

When America is an art country, there will not be three or five or seven arts, but there will be the thousands of arts- or the one art, the art of life manifesting itself in every work of man, be it painting or whatever. We will then have to give in kind for what we get . And every person will be a true enrichment to the other.

Any step toward such an end is a step toward human happiness, a sane and wholesome existence.  Much will come of the effort. There will be failures as well as successes, but if the strong desire exists both conditions will serve as experience in progress.”

THE ART SPIRT, by Robert Henri