Seven Secrets to Unleashing Your Inner Genius by Dr. Scott Kaufman

3. Break Beyond IQ

“Standard ways of thinking about intelligence leave out the whole person,” says Kaufman. “They leave out the passions or the values that one holds, the personal goals and dreams that someone has and  what they want to achieve, as opposed to  imparting a certain task on the person.”Frank X. Barron , a psychologist who pioneered the study of creativity in the 1960s, broke away from the longtime assumption that intelligence was the essential trait of highly creative people.  Scientists now agree with Barron that to understand creativity , you need to look beyond the IQ test. ” There’s this traditional notion of intelligence solely comprising  cognitive information processing , like we’re robots, our ability to problem-solve abstract information,” says Kaufman. “But I do think that’s a hindrance, because intelligence is moe broadly an adaptation to our environments, and the creative thought processes that come into play are so connected to being able to adapt to any environment, not just for abstract information that is derived from your everyday life.


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