Art Quote for the Day

So , this week is the last week of classes for me at Edgewood College ….. Christmas “break” is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to about 4 weeks of un-interrupted paint – in – the – studio- quality time.  Warm fires at night, staring at the Christmas tree all lit up and twinkling…… Heaven.

I also have a couple things coming up , sort of exciting.   I’m hanging several pieces of my work at the Sundance Theaters here in Madison this week  , AND,   a gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward District contacted me the other day and wants to know if I’d like to show my work there. Well…….. YES!!

Besides all that , I really , truly , am planning on fixing up this blog site. Putting new imagery up is my biggest concern…. lots of great student art has been generated since last I really updated my media…. and I have lots of images of my own stuff to post as well .

So, there we are….. stay tuned.

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