Art Quote for the Day

I hung a show of my work yesterday, 23 pieces, at the Goodman Community Center here, in Madison Wi. The opening is January 12 so if anyone in the area wants to come please do….. starts at about 2pm.  I’m trying to figure out the Instagram thing so I can post some photos of the installation here on this blog…. technology sure has a way of making a person feel ignorant doesn’t it?  As with anything “tech”  I  will play, push buttons, try to figure something out, something works, then I go to do it again, (making the big mistake of thinking I know how to do it !), and , NOTHING!  “How did I do it the first time?” “Why isn’t it working this time?”  Anyway, haing a show is a good beginning to the New Year,especially after having lost my sketchbook , ( as mentioned in an earlier post) . It’s a chance to show new work, clean my studio , start some new work , and finish up some old. ……

On another note, the long looked -forward – to Christmas break from school is about to end. I start classes again on Monday… the weather forecast for this area is for minus 20 degrees !!!!!! EXTREMELY COLD and the public school system is already talking about cancelling classes. Not so for college I’m sure…… a cruel entry back into the “real” world of WORK for sure.

Stay tuned for new student work….. Spring Semester 2014 is about to begin! Next stop …… SUMMER!

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