Art Quote for the Day

So,lately I’ve been trying to remember how I lived from day to day WITHOUT spending a couple hours a day on Pinterest!  I know I used to draw alot, make art in general. I taught my classes ,  I found books on artists that I liked and could be inspired by, I never felt like I was lacking for any creative input from all sorts of sources. BUT,,,, with Pinterest I feel like I’m doing all the things I just listed but  with STEROIDS! The volume of visual input that comes from an infinite well of sources through the Pinterest feed is amazing. At first it was all too much for me to take in but gradually, as I’m sure everyone who uses Pinterest will find, you get your own niche figured out. You start to get organized with your “boards”, you find threads of commonality with your own creative personality. I have been so inspired, (most times) to GET TO WORK after spending some time in the Pinterest community. I have found artists whose work I absolutely LOVE, that I would never have discovered otherwise. I have found styles and techniques that are similar to mine, I have been exposed to ideas that are so fabulous yet so comfortable to me, ( like searching for a long lost relative and finally finding them).
I’ve found the collection of images , and organizing them on to specific boards a fantastic tool for my teaching. I collect examples of images that I use to introduce new projects. I use it as a textbook that students can go to to draw from in completing their own works of art. I photograph their artwork and put it on Pinterest and they are instantly seen around the world! I photograph my own artwork and post it as well!

I would love to hear from any of you who read this. If you are on Pinterest what have been your experiences? How much time to you spend looking at images? Do you find it to be a big waster of time? I know I can lose track and I end up spending more time than I want to on some days. I had a student once who said, “when you are on Pinterest you feel like you’re being creative but you’re really just wasting time looking at other people’s art, and not doing anything of your own.” True but we need to LOOK as well as DO don’t we?

So, anyway, with the completion of this post I’ve “wasted” enough time for today on the computer. It’s a dark, rainy and very stormy day so perfect for being warm, dry and creatively involved in my studio.I have been appropriately inspired….. now it’s time to get to work .


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