Art Quote for the Day

Next week classes start up again. It seems like I was just writing about having whole summer to look forward to and now there is one short week left! I gotta say, I’m OK with it….. I’m always a little sad when summer ends, mostly because I know my time in my garden is also going to be ending soon….. 22,000 square feet of beauty right out my back door becomes a winter wasteland where I barely set foot for 6 months or so. BUT, school is always fun. I’m excited to meet my new students, get some projects going,see my fellow teachers, and , YES, get some structure back to my time.
I am hoping to work on this blogsite a little more; take better photos of my work and get stuff posted more quickly. I may introduce a new page of works in progress – taking photos of paintings as I start them and then each time I work I will take a photo as well right up to the end. Stay tuned for excellent student work( I know it will be excellent…. it most always is!), more great quotes from working artists and I will try to insert more of my own personal thoughts into the mix. All of these ideas reflect the input I’ve been getting from people who read this blog, so I aim to please.
I hope the Gerhard Richter quotes were of interest to people over the summer. I didn’t start out to post so many but the book, The Daily Practice of Painting , proved to be a great source and I just kept going with it. So many of the quotes were helpful to me and I hope they were inspiring to everyone who may have read them.
So , stay tuned….. my next post will be images taken after my summer painting classes completed an exercise using a blurred slide. They turned out MAGNIFICENTLY and everyone who participated in the exercise enjoyed it as well. There will be images of the works in progress and completed. bye…

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