Art Quote for the Day

Interview with Sabine Schutz , 1990

Quite early on , you were described as ‘inconsistent’, because you were always swapping levels, both in your subject matter and even more, in your style.. YOu have described yourself as ‘uncertain’. Or is some of it about proving to yourself and to others that you can do anything?

No, it isn’t that. Painting a copy of a photograph is something that can be learned. And there are so many conceivable kinds of artistic statement that I haven’t made. – I’m relatively limited – a bit one-sided , in fact. Never anything but oil painting.
Inconsistency is simply a consequence of uncertainty, which I certainly do tend to suffer from – but them I also regard it as inevitable and necessary.

So perhaps uncertainty is the overriding theme?

Maybe. At all events, uncertainty is part of me; it’s a basic premise of my work. After all, we have no objective justification for feeling certain about anything. Certainty is for fools, or liars.

And the pictures tell no lies?

No, they make no statement at all, so they can’t fool us. They tell no more lies than a tree does – though they’re often less interesting.

The Daily Practice of Painting – <a href="“>Gerhard Richter

more tomorrow !

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