Art Quote for the Day

“An education in the arts opens with the premise that some things do matter  more than others.  Or more precisely: matter more to you.  Picture yourself, say, standing in a bookstore, face to face with sixty thousand choices. Obviously you  could spend several lifetimes methodically reading your way down the shelves.  And just as obviously, you won’t.  It’s not just a question of time, it’s a question of purpose.  If there were no purpose behind the choices you make, then you wouldn’t actually be making choices – you’d simply  be rolling the dice.  So what you actually do is spend an hour looking for one book that clearly resonates with ( or challenges) your view of the world.

We hardly need to “decide” to scan for knowledge-it’s already hard-wired into us.. Our species seems to harbor a singular need to understand why things  are the way they are – a need to grasp their underlying nature.  There must be a hundred disciplines – everything  from poetry to particle physics – just waiting to enrich our understanding of the world.  Each in its own way contributes an essential piece to the puzzle.  The scientist creates experiements whose readouts give form to an outer reality; the artist creates artworks that give form to an inner reality.  Both constitiute an imagination of the possible.  The difference is where we search of the possibilities, and in that regard some encounters will always prove more consequential than others. Almost every artist I’ve met can recount – often in passionate detail – some particular experience or some special person who first opened them to the potential of art in their life… Each of us has a story to tell about the path that brought us to this point.  Where did you learn the things that really matter to you?  Where was that critical for in the road that directed you to this point?  Who have been your real teachers?”

The View from the Studio Door by Ted Orland


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