Art Quote for the Day

In case you haven’t seen this on Facebook  yet I thought I’d share:


1. I wish I didn’t have to work.  It must be nice to stay home all day and do nothing.Since you will be home anyway, will you watch my kids?

2. My cousin/sister/friend drew a picture of ( insert anything here) and it looked JUST like the photo!

3. Draw/paint/sculpt this for me.  Since you know how, you aren’t REALLY busy, and it doesn’t take long.

4. I can’t draw a straight line – that’s why God made rulers, not Artists

5. Wow, you charge that much? Can we make a deal?  Try that with your doctor or lawyer, and see how well it goes.

6. Can you do this same painting, only with more blue? Don’t make me smack you.

7. How long did that take you to paint/draw/sculpt? Answer?  A lifetime is fairly accurate.

8.Can you paint  one for me like Bab Ross/ Thomas Kinkaide?  I don’t know art but I know what I like, and I like their stuff!

9.But what is it supposed to BE?  When looking at an abstract piece of work.

10. So, what do you do for  a living? While standing in front of a year’s worth of work.



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