Art Quote of the Day

Greetings! A beautiful June morning. My husband and I spent yesterday moving my studio from the basement to its temporary home in the newly finished sunroom/classroom space. The next phase of the renovation on the house is putting a wood floor down in the basement , my studio… so for as long as that takes I  will be painting in this beautiful space. It may take some convincing to get me to go BACK downstairs when the floor is done  so I say to my husband who is doing the work: “TAKE YOUR TIME! TAKE YOUR TIME!”. It’s going to change my work habits alot….. since my work will be more accessible and in more light , and much warmer (temperature wise the basement is COLD even through the hottest summer days!), I might just get ALOT more work done. It was always hard to go down in the basement on a beautiful summer day…. on the other hand , maybe I’ll just sit and stare out the window instead of paint! Whatever….. its all GOOD!

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