Art Quote for the Day

IMG_3003I spent this past  Saturday morning  with a group a fellow art teachers from the area . It was a morning for exchanging ideas and  showing  student work . It was an inspiring morning….. these teachers were passionate about what they do and about the purpose that ART plays in education and I left after 3 hours feeling like YES , I am going down the right path! What was especially  fulfilling about this experience was that most of the teachers at this idea-exchange were Alumni from Edgewood College where I teach!  Some of these intelligent, capable , passionate individuals were students of mine  six,seven years ago. It was an honor to be with them as EQUALS . It was gratifying to be with them and share ideas and see the maturity and capability  that they have gained since I had them as undergrads….  I don’t have any children of my own but on Saturday I felt like a very proud Mom ( on a very small scale for sure- I know I had just a small grain of influence on how these folks turned out) but if , indeed , I ever have a doubt in my mind , wonder about why I’m doing what I’m doing, wonder if my little teaching gig at Edgewood college makes any difference in the world , after Saturday’s experience I can honestly say YES! If I had any hand in getting these people through the undergrad years so that they could go on and  make  themselves into what they’ve become then yes, I’ve made a difference. Now , they too , will pass on their wisdom and enthusiasm for the arts to other young people and the cycle will continue.  Glad to be a part of it and I am so thankful to have had the Saturday morning experience.


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