Art Quote for the Day

PLANAR AND SPATIAL  ( thoughts about media continued)

Is what I need to say and the way I need to express it something that requires a surface to support it, hold it in place:  a plane , a wall,  or a screen?  Do I want to plant this in space so that I can approach it from a variety of angles, each one revealing another aspect of what I have to say?  Do I want my statement to exist in an invented, controllable space?  If so, I have to create my own illusion of space and must do so by fabricationg it out of a plane.

Would I rather place my statement in the world of everyday spaces and take my stand and chances there? Here I am at the mercy of people who can approach me from any angle, who can touch me , who can crawl up and under and over me. Do I need air to say my piece fully and well? How much air between me and them do I need, how much above their head, beneath their eyes to tell them what I know?

How close to me do I want them? Too close, and there is the danger of contempt bred from familiarity.  Too far, and they are indifferent.  Shall I touch the floor? Shall I hover?  Shall I assert my position from the center of the room?  Shall I stretch toward heaven, creep along the floor?

I want this statement to be clear and emphatic but I must say it un-abrasively or they won’t listen.  Where shall I stand ?  What posture shall I assume?

No More Secondhand Art – Awakening the Artist Within by Peter London

As I proofread today’s quote it occurred to me that all of these questions, almost , could be applied to creating a blog as well in a way. Especially , I must ask myself, is there danger bred from familiarity? Is there an indifference to too much quoting by others? Where shall I stand , what posture shall I take? WHAT DO I WANT TO SAY TO EVERYONE OUT THERE READING THIS?

I am now in the process of “cleaning” up my blog’s pages. I have all kinds of new student work , having been completed by my wonderful students this past semester. I will have images of new sketchbook pages, new IPAD images, and of course new paintings, both completed and in progress.

I’m working on the scheduling of several workshops at my house this  summer , the main one being an Encaustics workshop. I will be posting images from these workshops as well.


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