Art Quote for the Day

I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH CLASSES !! ALL OF THEM!!! FOR A COUPLE WEEKS ANYWAY.. I don’t have to be anywhere, make any plans, or even talk to anybody ( accept my husband!)  if I don’t want to. I don’t say any of this in a bitter, frustrated way. It just takes alot of energy , at least it does for me , to teach . I spend alot of time prepping for the classes. I spend alot of time thinking about classes. Well , anyway, you get the general idea and anyone who teaches KNOWS what I’m talking about. I am just looking forward now to some restful, creative, down time…. some art-making time, some re-energizing time…

Yesterday was the official ending BRUNCH to my Continuiing Adult Education Painting class. I’ve been teaching this class for 2o years now…. it was very first teaching job after graduating from Grad School and I love it. The students are motivated, interested, diverse, and very talented. ( Usually numbering 20 + students – a good crowd), we always have a pot-luck brunch at my home and I always find out new things about people even after the 16 weeks of class has finished.

We start to firm up plans for summer workshops that I will hold at my house…. we talk about summer travel plans, we eat delicious food. It’s an artful event and a nice “ending” for the class.

I love my  “job”.

Stay tuned for BLOG updating, refreshing, re-modelling………

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