Art Quote for the Day

Last week of classes…… students are turning in work that they may have felt needed some re-doing after last week’s critiques. Now , I sort everything out, grade everything, evaluate any and all effort put in all semester, enter the final grade and I’M DONE!!!!  A couple weeks off ( for good behavior?) and then summer school starts. I’m looking forward to some down time. I plan on , first and foremost spending alot of time in my studio , doing nothing but making ART ART ART!!. Then , some gardening, some BLOG-site updating,  having a few summer time  art workshops at my home, and partaking of  some serious Vitamin D absorbing !

Where to go from here? This past year has been super creative and super frustrating at the same time. Learning the ins and outs of creating this blog has taken alot of time and I hope to refine some things. I want to get some work on ETSY, get some demonstration videos done , design some on-line classes for next year, maybe put together another little book of my work like I published through BLURB last Christmas. So many things to do which is exciting and scary at the same time.

So, keep following, keep liking  and I will do the same ……


One thought on “Art Quote for the Day

  1. ARRGH! Damn you, Jane, I WAS going to get something done today until I went into that craft site that had the warning on it and now here I sit. I will stop after the next Pin, I really will.

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