Art Quote for the Day

Developing Ideas

Creativity  comes from ideas. For the artist , a creative idea may be an all-encompassing  plan, a unique set of relationships, an attitude to be  conveyed, or a solution to a visual problem.  An idea may come as a “bolt from the blue “,  or it may  be the end product of much thoughtful effort as reflected in notes, sketches, and countless revisions of the artwork.

All artists occasionally encounter blocks on their creativity, and it can take an artist many years to break through these blocks. A beginning artist  may find it difficult to even find a starting point for a project, ( ” I don’t know what to do!”). Although a familiar object or experience is usually the best starting point in such situations, the following approaches, suggested by artists, are ways to develop ideas or overcome the creative block. You may want to expand the list.

Study the life and heartbeat of your city or town.  Look closely at nature-notice shapes, values, textures, and patterns.  Remember the flattened frog skeleton you spotted on the way out of the parking lot – could it be used as a symbol for a special theme?  Supplement an impulse by brainstorming anything remotely related.Doodle or experiment with any available media. Think of a pressing social  issue. Make lists of all the verbs, adverbs, or adjectives that could be associated with the issue, and add color notations associated with each term.  Write down a single sentence or phrase that catches your attention during a news report, poetry reading, or argument with a friend. You should note as many variations on the idea or its presentation as possible; include visual metaphors – ways of expressing the idea without actually depicting it directly. And , as with any good debate team, try to express an opposing concept, feeling, or setting in terms of image, color, and emotional character.  In short: observe, explore,and expand.  Generate as many ideas as you can -the last few may be the best.

Art Fundamentals – Theory and Practice ,Ocvirk,Stinson,Wigg,Bone,Cayton

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