Art Quote of the Day

“Representational art does not begin with the object; it begins with the fascination a human being feels upon witnessing a portion of the world.  It is a fascination with the form, color, line, height, texture of the apple, not as apples grow, not as they taste, nor as they feel or smell, but from the single selected dimension of how they look from an aesthetic point of view.  Other people are also interested in the look of apples – horticulturists, anthropologists, chefs, greengrocers, nutritionists – but only the artist is interested in the  look of an apple from the specificd perspective of the evocative expressiveness of its form.  Is this not an abstraction, a mental event derived from a physical object?  And in this way all art is in its essential nature and motive,  abstract, in that its goal is not to re-create the thing in the world, but to portray a mental event (fascination) derived from a mind’s reaction to being witness to a segment of the world ( in this case , that segment called APPLE).

It is not quite accurate to say that the objective of art ( be it portrayed figuratively or “abstractly”) is to represent what happens to us as a consequence of encountering the world.  A fuller description of the task would be to say our aim is to discover what happens to us as we consider things.  This searching , active inquiry after what things DO  mean for us gives any work of art that deserves a second glance its fresh, just discovered look. The work has that appeareance because  it appeared in that way; in other words, it was discovered, and what we see as we contemplate the artwork is the act of a person just uncovering something of great personal importance.  What happens to us is not apples, what happens is feelings and thoughts, as outcomes of observation-which are a real as apples : not as tasty, but delicious nonetheless.”

No More Secondhand Art – Awakening the Artist Within by Peter London

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