Art Quote(s) of the Day

“Cultivate and value the skill of allowing thoughts and ideas to rise from your creative depths unhindered by the filters of logic, critique or worries about other people’s opinions.  Have you ever come up with a completely unexpected and fully useful solution to an artistic challenge in the middle of the night or just upon waking? How about while driving when your mind was not even trying to solve the problem?  Where did those ideas come from and how did they make it to your conscience mind?  What kept them from arriving sooner? What else is held in the depths of our  brains?   DIG DEEP .

Access encourages use.  Make a practice of keeping art supplies within easy reach.  Play by yourself, play with friends.  Be silly, be serious.

What better centerpiece could there be for a dining room table  than a container of colored pencils and a stack of paper?

Paper, (in sheets or as a “tablecloth”) , pencils, colored pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, watercolors, acrylics, water containers, glue sticks, scissors, old magazines, glitter, magnetic poetry, clay, rubber stamps, a digital camera or polaroid and film….

As much as possible, invest in the best equipment you can.  Good pens, good brushes, good computers, software and digital equipment.  Ride a good chair or stool.  Be a snob when it comes to the tools of your trade becasue good tools mean faster and more efficient work.  You deserve equipment that will keep up with the speed and vision of your creative output.  On the other hand, never let a lack of the good stuff hold you  back; creativity and resourcefulness can always compensate.”

Creative Sparks – An Index of 150+ concepts,Images and Exercises to Ignite Your Design Ingenuity by Jim Krause

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