Art Quote of the Day


on the occasion of my 60th birthday I am introducing you to myself at ages 6 ( short bangs and plaid dress), and 8. Drawing then and drawing now….

IMG_2473 IMG_2474So, on Sunday, March 24 I had a birthday…. my 60th!!!  It wasn’t an easy one to face. So many emotions and thoughts . I still feel like I’m , oh , maybe 40 . This is GOOD ! I’m in good health, I have a great job, great home, wonderful husband, ALL GOOD!  My work is going well, I guess. I’m finally finishing some paintings that have been in progress for awhile.  I guess, turning 60 has just made me realize HOW QUICKLY  time has truly passed. In a blink of an eye…… I’m not a kid anymore. I have , hopefully , lots of years left, but not as many as I once had. I have to get busy and make some progress in my “career”…. learn some new things, have some new experiences, become a better teacher , friend , person. Time to get busy!

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