Art Quote of the Day

” Why is it that dexterity, knowledge of art, and taste do not necessarily add up to what we seek in art?  What ingredient is missing whose presence would make the work throb with vitality and invite us to live more fully – or at least to SEE more fully- as a consequence?

This is not at all to say that dexterity, knowledge, and taste are unnecessary components of art that DOES move us. It is to say that they are insufficient in themselves and that other qualities of mind and spirit must be present for these constituents to spill over into an art with the power to move us to tears, laughter, or silence.

Unless a couragous stance to life is coupled with these ingredients, tedious and shallow things will be made.  Unless a capacity to dream  and fantasize is there, derivative things will be made.  Without an unflinching sense of self, the work will reign hollow and will remain unconvincing.  Unless one wanders into territory that is perplexing, mysterious, overwhelming, the work will be pedestrian and predictable , and so will we.  To cultivate these “other” constituents of art and life, and so improve one’s life , and consequently one’s art, the creative encounter must be discovered and employed.

In pursuing a vital confrontation with life and our own creativity we are not interested in putting art and ourselves in the service of pretty things or  novel things, or even in the mere exposure of ourselves.. We want  to reclaim the actual  power of art.  Throught the creative encounter we seek to facilitate our private and communal evolutiion so that we may become who we prefer to be.”

No More Secondhand Art – Awakening the Artist Within by Peter London

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