Art Quote of the Day

” When Philip Guston was asked how he decided what he was going to do  next, he replied that sometimes he would try something he’d never seen before.. Or you could go just partway in this direction and ask yourself, “What if?”  What if you used only cool colors, or made everything as ugly as possible? What if your dog image split in half and its owner appeared in the middle, your perfect white geometric forms were invaded by some neon organic ones, your small,delicate plaster piece became ten times as big and was cast in rubbery plastic instead?  “What if?” has been a persistnet theme in twentieth-century art and a major influence on its revolutionary character.

One of Leonardo da Vinci’s suggestions for stimulating the imagination was to “look at crumbling walls, glowing embers, clouds or mold, because in these  irregular shapes one can find strange inventions just as we are apt to project words into the sound of church bells.

Unfortunately, nothing comes of nothing: so at all costs, try to keep working.  Just looking at a blank sheet of paper is an absolute guarantee of failure.  If none of the preceding suggestions have pried your creative powers loose, you may need to adopt a disciplinary approach.  Set yourself a daily task. The task you decide on should be of limited duration each day (no more than an hour or two) but moderately demanding-like physical exercise.  It should make you feel that you have done something,yet not wear you out so that you fail to continue on  successive days.

The Blank Canvas – Inviting the Muse by Anna Held Audette

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