Art Quote of the Day

” Making art is clearly a process of creation, yet seen up close by those who make art on a daily basis,it sometimes feels more like a process of attrition.  I’d hazard an educated guess that in this country of three hundred million souls there are probably only a few thousand visual artists, (maybe less) who could survive for any extended period of time on the income from their art sales alone.  The blunt truth is that from a purely economic standpoint, making art is an invtiation to invisibility.

Small wonder, then, that the art we make today so often seems ill-fitted to our world.  The problem is that the world is not as we wish. {NO SHIT!-ED.} The vein of silver you choose to work may not be a part of this world- it may be part of a better world, or at least a different world.  This was not an issue in pre-industrial cultures, which perceived the world – in all its good and bad manifestations- as having order and purpose. When every thing was seen to exist for a reason , ALL art mattered.

There’s reasonable evidence to show that civilization, at least in forms we readily recognize, stretches back about six thousand years. And we can say with considerable certainy that for the first fifty-seven of those sixty centuries, art played a central role in the daily life of the inhabitants of those cultures. ( In some cases artworks provide the ONLY key to understanding a long-lost culture.) The simplest of crafts played a role in the most sacred of ceremonies. ”

The View From the Studio Door  – Ted Orland

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