Art QuoteS of the Day

Cleaning out some notebooks the other day I came across these pages of quotes I collected from SOMEWHERE! I made no notations about where most of them came from . Since they’re short I am going to include several for today and more tomorrow and the next day…… Thank you to the true authors of all of them.

“Abstraction, then, perhaps appeals to a different kind of mind.  We don’t all have the same visual habits. We may not even all share the same visual neurocircuitry.”

” Fluidity of perception . ( the root of abstraction)

” If someone else is coming to YOU and asking you  ‘ Will you document my product?’ – that’s illustration. If you find the subject and the interpretation within yourself, that’s art” – Chick Takaha-

“We must learn to draw what is outside us before we can draw what is inside.”

“At heart, creativity is a desire to experience things differently.”

” It does seem clear that learning to draw is much a matter of developing control over the way one’s brain processes visual information.  There are may different skills to perfect, each involving specific brain functions.”

” An artist is re-programming the circuitry of the brain. Watch yourself changing [as you make art] :  1.) development of sufficient patience to commit the time needed to draw….2.) simplifying what you see……3.) training new relationships between eye and memory ”

“Artists can almost be likened to spectators of the cumulative efforts of their own actions.  When you get a drawing you like, it’s apt to be a surprise.”

“Drawing is a way of fostering interest in the world.  It is a way of making connections with the things that surround us.”

“Drawing is a way to know things, and the more one knows about the world around one, the more one feels at home in it.  In this sense it’s not the finished drawing that counts …it’s the time spent outside oneself of which the drawing is merely the record.”

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