Art Quote of the Day

” The great creators tend to have talent.  They reveal a natural knack for thinking and doing in their specialties.  Whether gifted in mathematics, music, drawing, or whatever, they find that those gifts support their creative endeavors. An apt example of such talents, again, is Mozart’s musical memory.  Mozart reportedly had a phenomenal memory for music – both others’ and his own – and this memory served him well, making possible an in-the-head approach to composing which would not have worked for another.  So, it’s natural to urge a talent theory of creativity.  If creativity is whatever a person has that makes the person creative, then that “whatever” might be talent.

proposition: Creativity derives from a talent or set of talents.

This propostion does not state the issue too well .  It would be odd to say that Mozart’s musical memory caused his creativity. True, perhpas it made it possible the sort of music Mozart composed. Certainly  it made possible his approach to composing.  But just as certainly someone else might have had an equally potent memory and used it quite uncreatively .  As with Mozart’s memory, so too in general a talent might relate to creating only in allowing a certain order of creative achievement, but without at all making the person creative.  Such talents, even if extraordinary, aren’t properly a part of a person’s creativity , because a person could have those talents without being creative.  What would a specifically creative talent be like? It might be an ability for ideas getting or insight, for instance.  Whatever its form, having such a talent should in itself make the person that much more creative.”

The Mind’s Best Work by D.N. Perkins


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