Art Quote of the Day

” If you looked out your car window on the way to work this morning you would have gotten tons of ideas for your journal pages. Take graffiti. Graffiti artists develop their own styles based on techniques, such as how far they hold their spray paint from the wall, and by using different methods to form lines and curves quickly.  They use a wide range of media including markers, paintbrushes, spray paint and stencils.

If it were up to me  to make my mark on a wall, to do it fast, and exactly right the first time, the pressure would be great.  You can’t erase it and everyone would see if you messed up.  Then, of course, it has to say something profound.  How embarrassing to go to all that trouble and say something like ” I hate laundry”.

Try your own graffiti approach while journaling.  Squirt a quick, curvy line all the way down the page with liquid acrylics.  Using a different color, squirt a line  across the top.  Take an old credit card and pull the paint down the page from the top.  Glue torn strips of newspaper between  the painted areas., then add a light wash over the newspaper with buff-colored paint.  Make finger and thumbprints along the side.  Sponge-paint over an alphabet stencil. Spray water occasionally, so the paint will drip.

Wide Open – Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts

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