Art Quote of the Day

Lee Godie ( 1908-1995) was a homeless painter who slept on park benches in the bitter cold, had thick ,weathered skin and was the first to wear a bra over her clothes. (sorry Madonna)

She is uniquely identified as the artist who used her acrylics to paint thick eyebrows above her real ones and large orange circles on her cheeks.

She stored her paintings in a locker at the bus depot and kept them tucked safely in her coat.  During her lifetime she created thousands of paintings and sold them on the steps of the Chicago Institute of Art .  Today they are worth thousands of dollars.  Why do I think about her so much?  I just like the idea that when she reached into her paint box, you didn’t know if she was going to paint the canvas or her face. Godie wasn’t afraid to cross the line.  She used what  she had and made it work.

Keeping this in mind,[ make a solemn promise to yourself ] that you will never be ordinary.”

Wide Open – Inspiration & Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feurerhelm-Watts


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