Art Quote of the Day


” You’ve heard it said that “less is more,” and this familiar saying can be especially true in visual art.  In fact, one of the most difficult things to accomplish in art is to create a clean, uncluttered compostion that conveys a strong and compelling image.  By “simple” I don’t necessarily  mean minimal compositions that have only a few visual elements.  Rather, I’m suggesting that you limit your use of different mediums and keep combinations of color, space, line, texture, and value to a selective grouping on order to achieve an elegant sense of overall order.  The real emphasis here is on composition itself.  Before your decide to compose  a complex scene or still-life arrangement, it is important to study the underpinnings of placement and balance that hold that composition together.”

Art From Intuition – Overcoming Your Fears and Obstacles to Making Art by Dean Nimmer


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