Art Quote of the Day

“Annie Hooper was born in 1897 and grew up with twelve siblings and fourteen foster children.  After getting married, she happily raised her son, taught sunday school, wrote poetry and was secretly writing a romance novel.  She love to study, write and just hang out with people.  Then , throught a long series of events, poor Annie was moved from her beloved life in North Carolina to Norfolk, Virginia.  Alone, no husband, no son, no sunday school.  No extended family ,( and I do mean extended!)

So what did she do for her remaining forty years?  Rise above her misfortune? Beat the odds?  Nope. She got depressed and then more depressed. In her intense loneliness, Annie started making dolls out of driftwood and cement.  Doll after doll, Annie eventually filled her home with over 2,500  before her death.

Our repetitive findings don’t have to fill every room in the house like Annie’s did.  But Annie can inspire us to observe the natural rhythm of daily objects.

Take your camera and go on a repetition journey.  Observe fish lined up in the glass case at the market, eggs in the fridge, rows in a conrfield, rows of mailboxes.  There is comfort in rhythm, routine, one day following the next in order.  Repetition doesn’t have to be in rows. Stand over your journal and drop several identical images, gluing themwhere they land.  Instead of creating neat little lines, let them create themselves.  Stand back and be the observer. As journalers we are only the observers.

Wide Open – Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feurerhelm-Watts


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