Art Quote of the Day

” One of my favorite people in history is Philo Farnsworth. Forced to move from their home in Utah, his family settled in Idaho, where Philo reluctantly spent his time helping his father plow their potato fields.  Physically, he was on a tractor but mentally the teenager was up in the attic, reading science magazines, dreaming of inventions and trying to solve one specific puzzle that kept him up at night.  One morning while plowing the fields, he turned to look behind him, and it clicked.  The parallel rows of potatoes were the answer to his puzzle.  He realized that moving images could be  scanned line by line with electrons and painted on a screen line by line.  He had finally solved the puzzle, and at that very moment television was created.

Line is an important element to any journal page. It’s often overshadowed by color and design, but the simplicity of a line can speak volumes.

Take yourself on a line study.  Look for lines of birds on a telephone wire, in leaves, in shadows, and lines of lightning across the sky.  Sketch them in your journal.  Create your own lines with various materials.  Blow ink throught a straw, paint with a stick, dip a fork in paint.  Squirt soy sauce out  of the package, use your finger in a stamp pad, or watercolor in an ink dropper.  Creating lines on your journal page will begin  a search for other unusual tools. Remember, a simple line has the power to change the lives of every person on the planet. You just have to look for it. Even in a potato field.”

Wide Open-Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts


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