Art Quote of the Day

” I think of my creative process as a conversation.  I work on two or three paintings at once; they are all hanging on nails on a drip-stained wall in – my studio.  I generally don’t work from sketches or any preconceived ideas of what the piece will look like when it’s done. Instead, I often start by adding layers , washes, bits of paper, or writing- anything to just start the conversation.  I will keep adding layers, covering them up and trying to reveal them again.  If I feel unsure of where to go next, I sit in a chair across the room and just look at the work.  I look and I wait until I feel my intuition stir somewhere in my solar plexus.  Some people call this a ‘gut feeling.’ It’s reassuring to know there is always this internal way of knowing to have as a creative ally.”

quote by Cheryl Warrick from the book, Art From Intuition- Overcoming Your Fears and Obstacles to Making Art by Dean Wimmer

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