Art Quote of the Day

” One thing is clear: the artist does not look at art the way others do.  They don’t look at the finished product the same way as everyone else.  They have different concerns.  Any experienced gallery owner can tell when an artist comes in his gallery and looks at representational paintings.  The artist will go up to a painting , stand within several inches of it, and then retreat to ten feet or so away, and then go back up to the painting and then move back again. Depending on how engaging the work is, they’ll continue like that, because the artist is concerned with the whole and how the whole was created.”

Creative Authenticity – Ian Roberts


Usually sooner than later students will sigh, throw up their hands in despair, and utter a variation on a familiar theme – ” I can’t do it!” “It looks awful” “It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to !!” etc. etc. Sometimes , yes, there may be a need for a little more practice, focus, technical development, but most times they’re doing pretty well .. I will say have you stepped back and taken a look ? They say , NO and almost always laugh and say something to the effect of , ” of course it’ll look  better the farther away I get from it”, thinking that if they are far enough away they just can’t see it. I  ask them if they’ve ever been to an art museum and watched how people view the art. They aren’t standing with their face 6 inches away from the canvas. They’re standing back , seeing the whole . The illusion works from far away…..and then they begin to understand their own work. They smile, a little, they are ready to go back to work, a little more confident in their efforts . I ,personally  know exactly what today’s quote is all about. I am always  as close as I can get to a painting I like , without  a security guard telling me to step away. I want to see every brushstroke, every color nuance, and then slowly step back and watch the abstraction become …..

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