Art Quote of the Day

” Getting started is essential.  We feel engaged when the brush hits the canvas.  And in consciously learning our craft we open the channel for our voice to flow. But “it does not matter how well something is done if it is not worth doing.” Expressing our voice, what we want, or have , to say is what’s worth doing. Technique allows that.  In every case the development of our work will be an intermeshing of mastering our craft as we unfold clearer expression of voice.  They advance together, like two sides of a coin.

Creative Authenticity – Ian Roberts

By the way….. in case you missed another post about this….AND , in case you haven’t already noticed….. I’m changing my header image regularly…. if not daily then every other day maybe. I’m thinking I’ll do this for 6 months to a year. At the end of the time I decide to do this my husband is going to put them all together as a video that I’ll post on my video page. It’ll be fun , I think, to see the images change; each one being inspired by its predecessor. I welcome any feedback  about when you like a change or, ( sure I’ll go there….), when you don’t. Cheers!

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