Art Quote of the Day

” I was on a train in Europe homesick and craving two things. Pizza and somene who spoke English. It had been weeks since I had had a real conversation, and talking to people via my italian dictionary was getting very old… until I overheard the wonderful, sweet sounds coming from the next car. There stood this  guy wearing torn blue jeans, carrying a large backpack, thoroughly engrossed in his conversation- his ENGLISH conversation. I wanted to throw my arms around his neck.

I heard someone say recently, I hang around with artists, writers, and musicians because that is where I live. ‘

And that sums it up.  We all hang around with people who are like us.. If you play on a baseball team and live and breathe baseball, you don’t hang around with ballerinas-right?  As artists, we can dry up and become stale if we stop hanging around like-minded souls.

One solution is to keep an artist-date once a week. Hang around with people or things that speak your same language.  Some of my best artist-dates have been spent at a bookstore, jotting down notes on napkins.

Drive around and take pictures of doors.  Take your sketchbook to a toy store and design a new dress for BARBIE. Go to a play or enjoy live music at a coffee bar…

When in the right environment, yniques for Art Journaling on the Edgeou may find that speaking the same language sometimes means not having to speak at all.”

from, WIDE OPEN – Inspiration & Techniques for art journaling on the Edge– by Randi Fererhelm-Watts

3 thoughts on “Art Quote of the Day

  1. so true. Glad we have our artist dates set-up. Wish they were every week….if we weren’t all so darn busy….. :). Love the flower in your image above. Have you blogged about what you’re doing with your images? If folks knew, they may click on the link to visit your page when you post rather than just reading the post from the blog reader. Just a thought….

    • Well….DUH…. Of course I DIDN’T think of doing that cuz it’s oh so obvious!!!!! I will start doing that as of today!!!!!! DUH?!?!?!?!?!?!? ( smacking self on forehead here….)

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  2. Reblogged this on Karen Kohn and commented:
    I would highly recommend finding the time to have regular artists play dates, even if it’s once a month or every couple of months. I paint at Archivers just to be in that creative environment and to be around other creatives. My mom and I get together one Saturday a month to create together. I also just set some ‘play dates’ for the next couple of months with a few artist friends. I helps to keep the creative juices flowing.

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